Mobile MIX – lipiec

Zbliża nam się koniec lipca, 
Dzisiaj nie typowy post bo w zdjęciach z całego minionego miesiąca 🙂
Większość zestawia ulubieńców, a ja chcę Wam pokazać co w danym miesiącu uwiecznił mój aparat 🙂

Czyli mój miesięczny mobile mix!

ulubione owoce sezonowe ♥
w końcu zakwitła!
ulubione baleriny
królewna czy królewicz?
 oczywiście nie mój 🙁
 zgadnijcie które moje 🙂
zgubiłaś się?
nie ważne jak i gdzie…byle spać
deja vu
uwaga shrek!

Dajcie znać czy chcecie abym robiła takie posty!?

ciał ciał

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      2. David,Nice post. I agree partly but I think you’re missing an important factor.Netflix generated a lot of demand for movies that weren’t selling so well. When the DVD business dominated, the discs that sold were the discs at Wal-Mart and Blockbuster. Netflix helped studios monetize older films, fringe films and – let’s not forget – television by the season (which I’m told never did as well at Blockbuster). Unlike Redbox, Netflix isn’t concentrating so much on the hits that make up most of DVD revenue.

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      5. Yes I have been in touch with a old schoool friend. In fact the first friend I ever had. She was my neighbor. She's now a mother of four girls and sadly widowed for the past three years now.-blog follower-tweeted-member of CLC group on fb-follower on both twitter/pinterestMargaretsingitm(at)hotmail(dot)com

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      8. Do Ani. wisz co ja tez tak mialam w poprzednim katalogu i tez o tym pisalam ale niewiem dlaczego tak sie dzialo, ale wiesz co proboalam kilka razy i nic, sprobowalam nastepnego dnia i wtedy mi wskoczylo n o i dostalam celebre. musisz probowac kilka nawet kilkanascie razy jak nie to za pare godzin sprobuj lub na nastepny dzien,. ja mialam to samo ale po kilkunastu probach mi wskoczylo wkoncu.pozdrawiam

      9. Other bloggers have commented that, in response to this controversy, the ACLU has modified their rules on the use of member information so that no conflict is apparent any longer. That is, they oppose such misuse when done by others, but not if the ACLU does it.

      10. YES! I think you hit the nail on the head, Marilyn: “How do we make it so interesting that people just want to read…read…read what we write?” I’ve learned that it’s possible to take our experiences and STRETCH them into larger than life exaggerations, which can add so much more drama and tension to a story than I ever imagined!

      11. for the photo of Burris’s tombstone. That’s quite a tombstone for an egomaniac. He even listed all of his outstanding achievements on it. And he’s not dead yet! It makes good sense from an ego’s point of view. The EGO always wants to be present at its own funeral and have a magnanimous eye-catching headstone with great achievements that it can admire before and after death. FYI, his stone cutter has been quite busy this weekend chiseling out the accomplishment that he is MOST proud of: „SENATOR” Just kidding folks, buttt maybe not.

      12. jo se schlieri rauhaan, kyllä on porttilan omat mielipiteet tullu siitä jo selväks ajat sitten! taitaa olla kateellisuudesta kyse, sitä yhtään kyllä ihmettelemättä. ÖSV ALDER, siinä on sitä jotai!:D

      13. 250K #35 – This is kind of like the “all real estate is local” argument. Problem is that the entire sysytem is sick. A crisis of confidence is starting in the real estate market. To say that areas in this region are not meaningfully impacted by the DEAD market is kind of like believing the patient may die of brain cancer but his feet will be just fine.

      14. he was going to start driving everywhere. Well, that is what I have been doing for years. If there is time and I really want to go, I drive myself. That also gives me mobility and ability to leave when I want to. I drove to Seattle last month and got hurt and drove 2-1/2 days back rather than go to ER in Seattle.Oh well, am still anxious to hear about Ft Benning and what you did there.

      15. – I just got the Freecom because it was cheap to be honest but it seems to work fine. It boots up ok at least, I’m not sure how long it will last though, fingers crossed. If anyone has experiences to share then go for it Fine with me

      16. …Suburbia is a really dumb idea…I propose that suburbia is merely a transitional stage to a landscape of Many Small Farms.Not subsistence farms; that totally sucks as a lifestyle.But a quarter-acre on which I raise biomass to supplement my internet-enabled job is economically and environmentally more efficient than jamming me into a city.

      17. Mmmm, qué buena pinta… me gustan cada vez más los champiñones en una salsa para pasta. El queso brie era de mis favoritos hasta que me dijeron que no lo podía tomar, qué desgracia! Haría una excepción con tu plato…Un abrazo

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      22. And just to jump on that point, protesting that Iain Gray is ‘better than a disaster’ is a far cry from a full-throated defence of one’s leader.Yes, personality gets too much of a look-in these days rather than parliamentary democracy but who leads a country is one of the most important factors of any election. Scrutinising Gray and considering his shortcomings is fair, though I agree that just calling him names isn’t.

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      24. It's too bad Google ranking isn't based on the following criteria:1) I love to write and am good at it.2) My site contains a good percentage of original material in a field in which I am competent.3) I have a small bibliography on each post.4) I label op-ed pieces as such.5) I don't give a rat's ass about my google page rank.

      25. Andre, cara…que incrivel ler sobre sua viagem neste lugar incrivel e falar das Chimay com tanta propriedade e leveza. Estou aprendendo a pouco tempo um pouco mais sobre esse mundo. E combinar – just like you did – cerveja com viagem não poderia ter sido escolha melhor! Parabéns. Sua nova "seguidora".Abs

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      27. Judy, thank you for the post and I couldn’t agree more. I really like how you incorporated all the tools available to help see you through the week; Your Team IS there for you and you never have to “do it” alone! You, yourself, offered sage advice and realized the power in your own belief, taking a time out to release and revive. Awesome. Balance and Focus another set of tools to practice getting out of chaos and into flow. I think you Rock!LaurieLaurie Hiltz recently posted..

      28. Dites, Puck, et si vous vous parliez de votre papa , non ?Parce que cette question du père est tout-de-même récurrente chez vous. Si, je l’ai observé.D’ailleurs, il n’y a pas que cette question …Sinon, d’accord que Houellhouell, well. Ai eu la curiosité d’écouter. Heureusement que Finky maîtrise l’art de s’écouter parler …

      29. FB – I agree, I think we need both, but I think that often times in the personal finance realm we give more weight to frugality, which has limits.I also agree that most would be lucky to reach 100k consistently, but each of us could still make more than we do. It takes concentrated effort, of course.

      30. To może pojedziesz do SmoleÅ„ska i zrobisz takie zdjÄ™cia? O ile oczywiÅ›cie bÄ™dziesz miaÅ‚ kasÄ™ na ubezpieczenie, wizÄ™, i wyjazd…Aktualnie czekam na kolejnÄ… partiÄ™ zdjęć, osoba wymieniona w tekÅ›cie to Polak, w SmoleÅ„sku byÅ‚ wraz z licznÄ… grupÄ… osób mÅ‚odzieży. Personalia tej osoby sÄ… mi znane. Do tej osoby mam zaufanie, do Amelina NIE!ProszÄ™ bez insynuacji dotyczÄ…cych pochodzenia zdjęć!

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      33. In Germany, and in other european countries, if you watch someone commiting a crime and you do not try to help, like in case of an attack, you just made yourself liable.Very few israelis do speak up against the crimes commited and how do you plan to find them in case the final judgement arrives?Did the zionists ever try to find innocent germans or damned them all?What is good for the goose, also good for the gander.

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      37. almost anything. i love it with some purples and teals. lately, ive been using mufe #18 pigment on top of it for a quick green/teal smokey eye. its also gorgeous with violet pigment. today im wearing it with the teeniest bit of mac cranberry eyeshadow and gray liner.

      38. I tried the „chicken neck” method and opened it up afterwards to see what got broken. There’s a metal collar that comes against the plastic „stop” and keeps the head from rotating further. The „chicken neck” method causes that metal collar to sheer the plastic bump off. So it is safer, easier, and quicker than opening up the flash and grinding down the bumps.

      39. Asali, I'm not saving the best for last. I don't have a clear favorite I'm afraid, Trayee and Bombay Bling are both great with Mohur coming close second only because it's not the type of perfume I wear (it's too nice and proper for me). Review coming soon.And I don't think you should worry about cedar here, it's not even remotely strong, others are strong enough to keep it checked.

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      41. Luciane comentou em 9 de novembro de 2011 às 19:50. Oi Julia, preciso de uma dica. Adoro maquiagem, adoro suas dicas, porém, toda vez que faço maquiagem para sair meus olhos ficam vermelhos e eu fico com se estive com sono (principalmente se uso lápis preto). Já usei diversas marcas, um colírio lubrificante e mesmo assim não resolveu, pode me dar uma dica? por favor? mega beijo.

      42. On dirait que tu comprends plus de ce que tu dis.. “J’ai pas tout compris mais il me semble que tu ne parles pas du vélo électrique du type Cancellara” On y arriverait!!!

      43. sophie, your come backs turn me on. i am amused at how you have a dire need to justify yourself to strangers whose opinions you claim not to bother about. it's cute yet sad to any case, i shall take care of my boner right now. but no, not on here of course. hell no.

      44. I work from home as well and though it has it's positives, it has it's challenges too. It's a lonely thing, and you never leave your home! Even if I had a small office with a couple of us to work in. There's something about being around people and being social that keeps the blues away;)

      45. That list could be a whole lot longer! There are a lot of necessities in life that are just not fun to pay for. Electricity is one of my least favorite things to pay for…in Ontario Canada, we are being gouged on Hydro. Every time the bill comes in I want to go to drink at Happy Hour!

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    6. Byron,I am sorry to report that the Prerunner has a different suspension system on it, from the factory. So that means our parts won’t work on a Prerunner! I do not know of any lowering kits being made for your truck, again sorry for the bad news, I will look around to see if I can find something for you, so check back periodically, maybe we’ll get lucky!!Mark

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    20. It is grossly unfair to neglect Bhansali. It is his vision that has been realized by his team (quite beautifully I must add) and needless to say, without his courage, a film like Saawariya would never have been made. Other than this disagreement, I loved your review.

    21. Interesting point. Architecture is always about playing with the limitations of your brief. I don’t even understand the need for curved glass anyway. I very rarely see a beautiful building with curved windows. I could go through an entire list of my favourite architecture and not come across a single one with curved windows. Then again, I still hate this pathetic attack on architects by the current cabinet. They seem to have an agenda to destroy any area of the UK economy that’s internationally famous.

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    24. You’re just lazy to sew buttons lah! Oh wait. I think needles might mean injections. I think injections are easier on the bum =)@melissa: How do you get through eating rat-tail noodles? I love Loh Shee Fun!@zara: so a rat would be OK, without it’s tail? Come to think of it, Mickey Mouse doesn’t have a tail, does he?

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    30. I love how the harness comes in the nude colour. Actually both are pretty cool seeing as they're a slimmer strap than some of the chunkier ones which means you can wear it with SO much more. Very cool and so lucky to get a second one gifted!

    31. I agree with this, challenging God is a mistake, didnt christ even say when he was being tempted, to no challenge the lord your God? and plus Roman 12:2 say not to “conform to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”, and accepting these things are just goin against Gods word.

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    9. Anonymous 1:52, you are preaching to the choir if you call yourself talking to me. Stop lying! You have about as much Jesus in you as Glen Beck…NONE, ZERO, NODDA, MINUS NEGATIVE. You are as phoney as fried ice cream.

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    12. I think you are right about her brother from her childhood, he is gone forever. I find him the worst of all of them, he is her flesh and blood, grew up with her, came from the same parents. Just not enough words to discribe how disgusting he really is. He should be ashamed of himself for the way he has treated his sister on national tv. what a hateful little “7 ltr b word ending in d” he is. IT’s time to shut that door and lock it for good.

    13. Hiv deg pÃ¥ et dansekurs kjære du:) Det er hÃ¥p. Jeg elsker Ã¥ danse og tror vel jeg er flinkere enn jeg egentlig er:)) Det er gøy!! Det er en terskel…Lykke til…men vil du ikke fÃ¥r du ta med deg krykker:)) Genialt:) Da fÃ¥r du sitte i fred.Klem fra meg:)

    14. Correct. But why such a superficial analysis by you?WHO cries 'hate speech' if a GOP politician or talking head delves into race? The mass media does, that is who. The mass media are in general part of large corporations whose shares are owned largely by rich investors, and the mass media is managed by multimillionaire executives. Lol, talk about superficial analysis! Who runs public education, champ?

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    16. I doubt Wood’s name would have sold more copies, except only to a select few older fans who knew his name from EC, but Stan probably did this for two reasons: 1- he really appreciated Wood’s talent and 2 – he was trying to get the people who bought the books hyped up by promoting Wood. Nick Caputo

    17. "It's a miracle!" while the atheist were hard at work trying to solve the worlds problems. Don't make me laugh. As a chem major, I enjoyed trying to understand how things worked. BUT how can this be so? I believe in God, so OBVIOUSLY, every time that I got bizarre results or something unexpected happened, I simply wrote on my report that God must have manifested Himself in my lab work and caused the reaction to occur in an unexpected way. The acknowledgment of the supernatural doesn't mean that natural science and discovery is moot.

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    19. WOWZA! That really is impressive – even to me (and believe me, I live WAY under that rock).Or, maybe I should say especially to me, because I. Can’t. Sing. At. All. Seriously, I’m ‘that guy’ who sets up Simon Cowell for all his snide remarks. It is Simon Cowell, right (see previous rock comment). Seriously, my congratulations to your very talented daughter – she should be very, very proud!

    20. bên tc họ xài đủ hóa chất để chế tạo “hàng Ä‘á»™c”, “hàng giả”, … nên cccc “thích nổ” là chuyện bình thường … không “nổ” má»›i là chuyện lạ … hihihi người ta có câu “Dân giàu, NÆ°á»›c mạnh” còn ở tc cÅ©ng nhÆ° vc thì là “đảng giàu, dân đói”… cười ra nÆ°á»›c mắt cho cả má»™t thế hệ …cảm Æ¡n chú TMLTM dv

    21. Sidewalker – The Japanese Constitution came directly from the typewriter of Douglas McArthur. He wrote it himself and gave it to the first Japanese adminstrator, who he himself picked, while giving him a ride in the back seat of this limo.And it is now one of the freeast and most successful democracies in the world – I think that more people vote there, when they have elections, than we do here.

    22. Nice to see he is very close with an obviously good relationship with his daughter, of whom we refreshingly hear very little about, in today’s look at me society. – steven, london, 6/12/2012 12:56 ——–You obviously don’t read the DM very often! There isn’t a week that goes by that she isn’t featured on the DM pages!

    23. My brother has his own version of your “dump cake!” You use a large can of peaches (ie peach cobbler style dump cake) in lieu of the pineapple and cherries. I think he calls it “bachelor peach cobbler” or something silly like that. I kind of want to try it out but with a gf cake mix and some earth balance – yum!

    24. When I first met the girlfriend years ago, she was very much the Queen Bee in training. Then in our junior year, she had a baby. She looks back on that time in her life and cringes. I point. I mock. And I laugh. Then remind her that she grew up into the woman she is today and should be proud of that. – Kendall

    25. in my piece, it’s very strong militarily, part of the social Lebanese fabric & have a solid Shiite support.All what I tried to show is how its recent policies or actions or “mistakes” is costing it its popularity, the wider support.Hezbollah will survive of course, but on the expense of its popularity. That’s all.

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    35. I still can’t understand why Ravindra Jadeja was selected. He was unable to accelarate even in the IPL matches and was one of the main contributors to Rajasthan Royals’ failures.Yesterday he just continued from where he left off. He slowed down India’s chase and one of the main reasons why we lost. He took 2 wickets, fine, but Ojha could have done the same.

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    1. …to make here is that incorrect measurement of swing plane – whether? because of parallax error, misinterpretation of ‘laid off’ or ‘across the line’ due to observation of the shaft in non-horizontal positions, or simply defining the plane incorrectly by the shaft at address, will lead to some very poor assumptions being made about what is actually happening in a golf swing. For these reasons, I believe that if golfers had a better understanding of simple geometry and how it applies in…(cont)

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    3. Veto, I agree. You get what ya pay for. Cops that are hired today (most of them) are just as intelligent as attorneys. They have to make split second decisions that a judge can take weeks to decide. Lower pay comes with lower standards. Lower standards breed lawsuits that can cost a town millions in a lawsuit. Northern Jersey hires the cream of the crop due to well paying jobs.

    4. Hoi Michel Pronk,Ik heb dan weliswaar geen maagband, ik weeg wel net zo veel als jouw vriendin en zoek een sportmaatje die net zo een figuur heeft als ik. Zo dat wij allebei weten hoe dat voelt en elkaar kunnen motiveren. Ik woon ook in spijkenisse, dus als het haar iets lijkt? Lijkt mij in ieder geval leuk een soulmate Groetjes!

    5. 2-3 días, lo mínimo para visitar Tokio. A partir de ahí, lo que quieras que dure la visita. La ciudad tiene tantas caras como barrios. Como dices, aquel que le guste la tecnología puede pasar un día entero en Akihabara, al que le guste ir de compras se puede pasar un día entero recorriendo las callejuelas y las tiendas de recuerdos de Asakusa. La ciudad es interminable. El punto y final a la visita se lo pone uno mismo, hasta donde quiera llegar.

    6. “But I accept my fate, Hophmi, as soon as you tell Phil how much I bother you, I’ll be banned, so I might as well enjoy myself in the meantime.”You don’t bother me, Mooser. I don’t pay attention to vast majority of what you write, because I’ve found it’s a huge waste of my time.

    7. Did you live here in 1989? Did you possibly see which structures had issues? Let me tell you from experience, they dont make em like they used to. A wood frame building is by far the safest in my opinion during an earthquake. Wasn’t the Cypress Freeway made out of … concrete? If you havent seen… you dont know. I lived 6 miles from the epicenter of the 89 quake in 89. The things that i saw that most were damaged were not wood framed houses i promise! That comment makes me want one even more now!

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    9. Es verdad que los soufflés tienen muy mala pata para fotografiar, pero déjame decirte que ya me conformaría con que me quedara tan precioso como a ti :-)Qué bonitas te han quedado las fotos! y qué relleno tan apetitoso!Por cierto Kako, gracias a tu comentario he ido a ver tu entrada respecto a la verificación de palabras, te lo agradezco porque es una opción que no sabía que tenía activada, y tienes razón, es engorroso. Ya está solucionado 🙂 gracias de nuevo. Un beso!

    10. AbhijeetIQ is dependent on cicumstances and atmosphere you grow in. It may vary from time to time and most importantaly it’s dependent on concentration. what moe can you expect fron today’s generation who is entangled in TV, computer/mobile games, social networking..thinking ability is fading.  

    11. Anonymous – I just wanted to say how much I love your pictures! My husband and I have had the pleasure of getting pictures done with Dawn,Bambi Cantrell & Michael Muramoto and it was wonderful, and your picts are right along that alley!! love them! I have not been able to stop looking at bridal pictures since then! Regina

    12. , “I don’t care if you put it up on Twitter! I love this guy! When he comes back from his mission we are SOOOOOOOO going to a concert together!” LOL Yep….my kind of gal! A fellow fan *cough* Janey79 *cough* suggested that I send her links to videos of David’s performances but we don’t want to do it too soon. After all, it’s the holidays, we don’t need to send the paramedics out for the poor girl during Christmas! LOLz I think we need to break her in slowly but I’m up for any suggestions you guys have of good videos to send to her!

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    15. To the anonymous poster of 2 December at 4:32 PM – True, some investigators may not want or deserve to be authors of a particular paper, but it makes little sense for someone who was not an investigator to be an author.To the anonymous poster of 2 December at 7:08 PM – The pot is calling the kettle black.

    16. Hum, un dual boot avec Seven, c'est un peu plus compliqué que mon tuto d'origine avec XP. Le système est un peu différent des anciens Windows, et nécessite une partition comme l'EFI de Mac.Tu peux m'écrire sur , et je verrai ce que je peux faire. Par contre ce week end je serai pas trop dispo (week end de la St Valentin avec ma tendre 😀 )

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    18. OMG…my niece was going through some old photos last week and scanned a few / posted on Facebook. She posted me at 17: my high school graduation picture. I could do a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGG post using your prompt and that picture, ha ha ! A prompt like that…you should give us a few weeks to think about and then link up or something…maybe a monthly thing to start out ? it would be fun ….

    19. Here, in Phoenix, it’s even more sinister than that! Phoenix is a test-bed for atmospheric testing/poisoning. Not only chemtrails from the sky but additives in the automotive fuels to cause interaction with chemtrails…on the public. Local emergency rooms and clinics report to the feds on a monthly basis explaining what ailments they encounter from the public. My question is, “where did we go wrong?…what did we do to deserve this?” Personally, I’m about “hatched”. My ability to walk is minimal. I have many problems with balance, my feet, my throat and cognitive skills.

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    21. There’s a half dozen good community relations firms in town, but H&K and Rogers aren’t on the list. They are PR firms and PR firms are hired to generate positive media. I doubt most staff at both those firms could find Wilmington on a map, let alone organize community meetings. And then there always be the question of what to wear when you’re meeting with “those people.” Since the Sugerman factor probably eliminates H&K, the folks from Rogers can now split their time between the Port and the LAUSD. Good Lord, what’s this beginning to sound like?

    22. mne osobne sa na tomto článku viac vecí nepozdáva (a nehovorím o tom, že komentujem svoj vlastný článok). Proste mi to nejde plynulo do uší…teraz si tej kritiky vypočujem…takže si poslúžte a zvozte ma 🙂

    23. Mi columna favorita es sin duda Cosmopolitan, y mi blog preferido es el de Alejandra Medina!, me mantiene informada de las últimas tendencias de la Moda en el mundo, me fascinan los consejos “fashionistas” que me permite estar siempre al día =)! Siempre me hago un tiempo para leerla. Buenísimo! (mi pista sobre el regalito es para mi beba de 4 años, fanática de las sesiones de fotos)=)

    24. Certains ont une mémoire hautement sélective. Rappelons que depuis trente ans, la gauche c’est entre 15 et 30 milliards de déficit budgétaire par an, alors que la droite, ce n’est jamais en dessous de 40 ou 50 milliards… Depuis 10 ans, c’est même de 70 à 100 milliards, AVANT la crise. Comment peut-on être hystérique face à un soi-disant danger de la gauche, et ne pas voir le désastre monstrueux de la politique de l’UMP ? Peut-être parce qu’au-dessus d’un certain salaire, l’esprit critique est aboli ?

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    26. Well, I honestly want to say that your review makes me actually want to watch the show! I can’t imagine someone being able to stick his head in a freezer, but guess I’ll find out how! But no, seriously. If I can find the show, I’ll give it a shot since the way you’ve portrayed it makes one eager to check it out him/herself. Thanks for this!

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    28. this is a piss poor composite; it is clear that the images are not equally weighted. Jessica Biel’s image dominates the composite on the left and Olivia DeHavilland’s image dominates the composite on the right.All source images are equally weighted. Also note that the de Havilland sisters (Olivia and Joan Fontaine) make up 2/7 of the 40’s sample, so it makes sense that it woul resemble them somewhat.

    29. Netop hvor er alle kvindefrigørelsesbevægelserne? Hvor er FN, hvor er menneskerettighedsapostlene, hvor er alle de selvretfærdige henne, alle de åh så forstående, alle appeaserne, Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen typerne? En artikel der stadig ryster mig har jeg nu lagt som et ekstra link. Læs den hvis I tør. Kvinder tag Jer sammen og vis Jeres foragt for dette religiøse kvindesyn i stedet for at være tavse.

    30. AÅ¡ tai vis bijau, kad per daug sviesto pagrinde bus, nes paskui bÅ«na toks ne sausaininis pagrindas o sviestas su sausainiais TodÄ—l ir nedÄ—jau papildomai, bet Å¡iaip tai tie trupinukai ganÄ—tinai žavesio pridÄ—jo torto kremui Asta, aÅ¡ irgi mÄ—gstu tokius – jie greitai pasidaro, gaivÅ«s ir visų mylimi Na bent jau pas mane Å¡eimoje tai tikrai visi tokius labai mÄ—gsta. O vat apie biskvitinius tortus vyro nuomonÄ— aiÅ¡ki – gali jų ir nebÅ«ti.

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    32. Stefan SanglertOtroligt välskrivet, Glenn! Tack för referaten av turneringarna och kringaktiviteterna och de fina bilderna som du illustrerat med. Men jag har aldrig riktigt förstÃ¥tt varför detta lyckade och uppskattade evenemang var tvunget att flytta sig vidare till ett annat ställe… Hoppas att du skriver lite om det i ett annat inlägg!

    33. I realize nothing ever happens quickly in an organization as big as the Church, but it is too bad we have to just wait for the “biological solution”; in the meantime every day many souls are being mislead by the heretical teachings of these people.

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      1. , I may look into Mother 3, assuming I can figure out how to actually play it.)And I’d also recommend Dwarf Fortress here, assuming the ASCII interface, buggy gameplay, general incompleteness, and complete lack of useful ingame help doesn’t scare you off. It mostly completely ignores gender and race (except in the fantasy sense of the term that doesn’t connect much with real world issues of race), admittedly, but it randomly generates it, so that your dwarves are equally likely to be female as male, and skin colors are pretty diverse when you actually look them up.

      2. I like how you use accents of gold accessories to create a contrast in the minimalistic outfits. Also, the oversize coat looks very different than it would if it fits, and that proves how important it is to play around with sizes. Not so sure about the hair, though.

      3. Bonjour,J’aurais voulu avoir des renseignements concernant le stage que vous organisez avec Kenda Lenseigne. Quels sont les formalités, faut-il venir avec un cheval, quel en est le prix…Merci d’avance.Cordialement.

      4. Para bien o para mal nunca he sufrido novatadas de ningún tipo en ningún entorno, y la verdad es que es algo de agradecer. Creo que hay formas bastante más eficaces de “fomentar la participación de los nuevos estudiantes” sin tener que recurrir a ese tipo de prácticas. Quizás peque de aburrido.

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      7. …ja maksulisäykset tosiaan ulkoisille kiintolevyille jotka kaikista maksunalaisista laitteista ovat kyseenalaisimmat. Vähensit juuri reilusti lisää kaupankäyntiä Suomessa ja pakotat ihmiset suosimaan ulkomaisia toimijoita.MP3 kännyihin ei sitten toisaalta tullut maksuja, edes sitä pientä. Kyllä nyt on niin munatonta touhua että oikein jo sylettää.= Karpela #2

      8. Fotobøker er skikkelig morsomt Ã¥ lage – dagens album. Du har gjort en god jobb her. Jeg har laget fem stykker det siste tre-kvart Ã¥ret, men jeg bruker Japan-Photo og deres CEWE-system. Fotoknudsen (og en del andre) insisterer pÃ¥ at du skal ha bildene dine pÃ¥ deres servere og arbeide mot dem. Det er gode grunner til ikke helt Ã¥ stole pÃ¥ det.

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      12. Scamp,I’m with you. Can’t imagine anyone arguing for complexity over simplicity for any reason other than as an attention-getting device. Guess it really is a schtick after all. Too bad the schtick gets in the way of the actual message. (Funny how it still comes down to good writing isn’t it?)

      13. I am pretty sure that the media made sure to ask President Obama's opinion, knowing that he wouldn't be able to agree with Carter.Alicia,I really can't fucking believe that you would think a 14 year old child would be "suicidal", like yeah, he asked to get tortured and murdered, yeah, right. Duh.

      14. //ஒரு முசுலீமை ஜனாதிபதி ஆக்குவது என்பது ஒரு தாழ்த்தப்பட்டவரை ஜனாதிபதி ஆக்குவதைப்போல ஒரு பித்தலாட்ட வேலைதான். இப்பிரிவு மக்களிடம் ‘நம்மாள் ஜனாதிபதி’ என்ற பெருமிதத்தை உருவாக்கிவிட்டு, வழக்கமான ஒடுக்குமுறையைத் தொடருவார்கள். உலக நாடுகளிடையே மதச்சார்பின்மை எனும் பொய்யை நிரூபிக்கும் தந்திரமாகும்.//

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      17. I recently saw an interview with Sinead O’connor, who was diagnosed as “bi-polar.” In the interview, the interviewer asks her, “isn’t bi-polar when you have extreme highs and extreme lows?” Sinead explains that she never had any highs, just terrible lows.So then they was she diagnosed with “bi-polar” instead of uni-polar or simply clinical depression?

      18. Jaz imam mešano kožo, okoli ust precej suho. Imam pa veke precej mastne. Drugače pa ja, primer, do sedaj je bil najboljši od Artdeco-ja. Imam doma tudi kremno senčko od Shiseida, dobila od prijatelja, ki jo uporabljam tudi kot bazo za senčke. Ali pa si pomagam tudi z vodo oz. mokrim nanosom. Je pa res fajn, da veliko blendaš, da se še toliko bolj na kožo ˝usede˝.

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      21. Comment’s author: 子青10/14/06 03:42:00 AM好恐怖,嚇倒了<br />雖然, 很有同感<br /><br />哈,早知如此,又何必當初<br />說笑而已<br /><br />訴苦還是會訴,<br />訴完過後, 又是一條好漢!<br /><br />我們都知道, 我們的passion在那裡<br />幹別的應該會不快樂吧!<br /><br />But who knows! Life is full of possibilities!

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