Makijaż przy użyciu cieni duochrome

Cześć dziewczyny!
Wybaczcie, że rzadko tu jestem ale ostatnio coś kuleje z czasem. Coś choroby się mnie często łapią, jak nie mnie to domowników i tak w kółko. 
Znalazłam chwilę wolnego czasu i postanowiłam trochę nadrobić zaległości. Tym samym robić Wam w końcu tutorial zdjęciowy do tego makijażu.
Kosmetyki, które użyłam:
Cienie – Makeup Geek: i’m peachless, mai tai, steampunk, currupt, blacklight 
Inglot: 342 mat
Cielista kredka kolh 05 – Inglot

Brwi: kredka hot chocolate – Soap & Glory
Żel do brwi forming gel – Kryolan klik mój ulubieniec!!!
Tusz: so couture – Loreal 
Czarna kredka: black to earth – Zoeva klik
Klej do rzęs lash grip – Ardell
Rzęsy – no name

Zewnętrzny kącik przyciemniam czarną kredką, rozcieram ją palcem.
Na tak przygotowaną bazę nakładam cień (steampunk) i delikatnie go rozcieram.
Przy pomocy czarnego cienia (cuurupt) pogłębiam wcześniejsze cieniowanie, całość rozcieram chłodnym brązem ( Inglot 342 mat)
Na środek powieki nakładam pomarańczowy cień (mai tai), a wewnętrzny kącik rozjaśniam brzoskwiniowym cieniem (i’m peachless).
Na 3/4 górnej powieki nakładam fioletowawy cień (blacklight ) i zacieram granice między cieniami. Zewnętrzny kącik dolnej powieki zaznaczam czarnym cieniem (currupt) a wewnętrzny wypełniam fioletowym cieniem (blacklight )
Wzdłuż linii rzęs maluję czarną wyciągniętą kreskę, używam do tego eyelinera w żelu L’oreal – którego nie umieściłam na zdjęciu.
Tuszuję rzęsy i przyklejam sztuczne dla osiągniecia lepszego efektu.
Makijaż oka mamy skończony.
Chciałam Wam pokazać jaki mniej więcej efekt można uzyskać cieniami duochrome od Makeup Geek.
W poprzednim poście dowiecie się co tak naprawdę myślę o tych produktach, i dalej trzymam się swojego zdania bo jest to moja indywidualna opinia.
Kto nie czytał, zapraszam tutaj klik
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    1. Sarah,Carolyn gives you good advice. I agree, just think of all the good times and try to put behind what happened that day. Reliving those moments keeps that memory alive, and your pet was worth more than those moments. I made a shrine for our dog on our mantle and keep a candle burning for her with her collar. Hang in there.Julie

    2. I’m a widowed single mom of 4 so yeah calling it single parenting doesn’t sit right to me either. The comments about not being able to do what I have done since my husband’s death always have me thinking in the back of my head things things I would never say outloud. They could never do what I’ve done, do they really mean they would have given their children up as they couldn’t parent them on their own?

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    5. Igen, annyira gyönyörűségesek ezek az oldalak! Mint egy fotó és én is el tudnám képzelni poszterként falon!!! … és ugye, hogy mi is imádtuk gyerekkorunkban a pitypangot (én még most is csodálom, mint a pipacsot:-)))!

    6. Empfang von Astra 2D in Erkner (süd-östlicher Stadtrand von Berlin) mit 120cm ab ca. 17 Uhr bis ca. 3 Uhr nachts möglich. LNB ist ein Inverto Black Ultra Twin (bisher bester LNB). Receiver ist eine Dreambox DM800se (bisher die besten Resultate nach unzähligen anderen Fabrikaten).Empfehlenswert für 2D ist aber minimum 150cm Schüsseldurchmesser bzw. 180cm mit Schlechtwetterreserve.Ausgibige Empfangsresultate liefert google mit der Suche nach DXTV+2D … ick wollte jetzt nicht direkt verlinken ;o)

    7. commenta pure! 😛 Tu negli anni ottanta manco c'eri. Certo è che quelle cravatte che andavano erano abbastanza strette da poterle usare come lacci per le scarpe.@Alex: troppo buono, temo che sulla lunga distanza crollerei come un cavallo dopato. Quanto all'intervista che citi, hai un link?@Claudia: veramente, è la prima volta che parlo di lei! ;)@Simone: eh sì, ti tocca.

    8. carissima FRANCESCACHIARA,TI ADOROOOOO!! mi hai fatto sorridere…grazie!!vero…tutto vero…ciò che dici…diciamo che a 35anni…osservo gli uomini:questi"cosi"curiosi… in attesa di un carismatico uomo che mi faccia perdere la testa…ma la vedo durissima!! non è pessimismo:son obiettiva,come sempre.buona serata a tutti,miei cari.

    9. Non ci arrivi proprio, eh?Ti è mai passato per il cervello, ammesso che tu ne abbia uno (ma inizio a dubitarne) che forse le stronzate le hai bevute tu?E parecchie, anche.Devi imparare un sacco di cose prima di essere una persona decente, e non ho voglia di mettermi a insegnartele io.Pensaci su.

    10. Mr. Phillips, thank you for taking time to write out a lengthy reply.While I agree with some of your points and disagree with others, I do like the car analogy. However, if I leave my car running, unlocked with the keys in it, and you take it, you have still taken my car. Ease does not justify stealing.We (corporate) are looking at some “tightening” of the access in 2013, while still having some “free” access mechanisms – clicking on a social media link for instance.It is imperfect and work in progress, but my view hasn’t changed.

    11. Soit tu soutiens l'équipe de Suisse avec ou sans Federer sinon au lieu de chialer car tu as mis toutes tes économies pour aller à la CD et Federer n'y était pas ben achète des billets pour un Grand Chelem et la tu seras content tu verras Federer.

    12. Toivottavasti tämä menisi yleisöosastokirjoituksena lehdissä!MT:n jutussa oli se hyvä puoli, että jarrumiehet tulivat näkösälle. Heidän laskelmiinsa voi suhtautua erittäin kriittisesti, olikin hälyttävää, että ne otettiin sellaisenaan juttuun totuutena. Anna

    13. Dude, please tell me that youre heading to write extra. I notice you havent written an additional weblog for a while (Im just catching up myself). Your blog is just also important to become missed. Youve obtained so substantially to say, this kind of knowledge about this topic it would be a shame to see this blog disappear. The internet needs you, man!

    14. Hi Kim! Welomce. I look forward to having you join us in this journey in the Word! Be sure to sign up with your email address in the space below my picture that says, “Follow Via Email”. This way each Bible lesson posting will be sent directly to your email. Let me know if you have any questions.Kathy

    15. نمی‌دونم پاسخم ثبت شد یا نه؟! نمی‌بینمش الان!دوباره اون پایین ارسال می‌کنم این جناب مرتضی تشریف ببرن پایین بخونن جواب‌شونو.

    16. Spoko, spoko. PochwalÄ™ siÄ™ jak tylko coÅ› uda mi siÄ™ zrobić.Mam dwie identyczne kamery (ważne) w tym wypadku, pomieszczenie o jednolitych Å›cianach … tylko trochÄ™ czasu potrzebujÄ™ na rozstawienie i przygotowanie sceny :)Ale ale, to ty Panie Michale miaÅ‚eÅ› przygotować tuta na ten temat 🙂 wiÄ™c czekam z niecierpliwoÅ›ciÄ… … na twoje nagranie.Pozdrowienia zza wody.

    17. Jo, v tabulkách, Marcelo, vÅ¡ak to máš asi stejnÄ›: tabulky=moje noční můra. Žádné pro nás nikdy nebyly dost velkorysé… a dodnes tomu není jinak.Proto mÄ› to, co paní dr. rozhodilo, nechává naprosto klidnou.Velká chodidla? dlouhé nohy? kdo by takové prkotiny v naší rodinÄ› Å™eÅ¡il. Koneckonců- máme to tak vÅ¡ichni a dožili jsme se s tím docela vysokého vÄ›ku, ne? :-))

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    22. Alcohol is nicissary f’r a man so that now an’ thin he can have a good opinion iv himsilf, ondisturbed be th’ facts.- – – – – They ask thee concerning wine and gambling, say: „In them is great sin, and some profit, for men; but the sin is greater than the profit…”(2:219)

    23. Haha, I was under the impression after reading the title that you would be really pushing this system. After reading, it seemed like you took a step back for every step forward that you made. Still, your advice about ShoeMoney was right on point and I’ve been out of the loop so long that I haven’t heard of this release… I’ll check it out, thanks 😉

    24. Speaking of bayonets…My grandfather has a bunch of old ones that I am unable to identify. Is there a good place to research just bayonets? I took a bunch of pictures and told him I would do my best to find out what they were.

    25. The sachets are so appealing and would be very welcome here in our home. I know what you mean about gifts..I need nothing but do have a few wants. The gifts i truly cherish are the homemade or well-thought out ones that show someone really knows me enough to know what pleases me. That is a clue for me to do the same. Great post, and great idea for a present to tuck into a gift bag.

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    28. Give me a break!!!! it’s the art of emotion. people take things out of proportion. Her photographs are beautiful and she was able to get these kids, with parental permission, to cry for several minutes. i’m sure she didnt pinch or punch any of them to get them to cry. it’s harmless and people just love to make things bigger than what they are.

    29. Jacek był fotografem na naszym weselu. Nie mam pojęcia kiedy zrobił tyle świetnych zdjęć, kiedy fotografuje jest wręcz niewidzialny Zależało nam z mężem na wesołej sesji, nie na sztywnych fotografiach. Zdjęcia Jacka mają duszę.Ukazują emocje obecne podczas podniosłych chwil.Dzięki Jacek!

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    41. I know its hard to grasp that thats what people really look like, but its true.And I seriously doubt those “bad” pics were photo-shopped. People just have their bad days.And I’m sorry to pop everyones bubble, but women aren’t always perfect and without flaw as hollywood wood lead you to belive.Be disillusioned.

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    53. I haven't enjoyed radishes for some time now, and this salad certainly reminds me of what i'm missing. Now following you on FB Networked Blogs; I'd love if you could follow back in the same way, cuz I just got started in it on my blog. Have a wonderful day!

    54. Brian Hubbard21 November 2010John, I just arrived home after your show at the Rialto in Atlanta. You guys blew me away. My wife and I left the theater on a cloud and commented on how Gary and Mark’s drum interchange as you and Etienne chimed harmonics was like a meditation. I am so grateful I had the chance to hear you play live. Thanks so much for the heartfelt show.

    55. Herr Klinge – Sie bereichern eine werdende Lehrerin. Noch nie derartig durchdacht (weil noch nicht lehrend tätig), hier in Hamburg aber akut aktuell: ich habe da noch nicht komplett den Durchblick gewonnen, aber anscheinend kann man sich als Lehramtsstudent an jeder Hamburger Schule als Förderlehrkraft das Portemonnaie mästen… ich bin gespannt, welche Art von Förderung hier praktiziert wird.

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    60. and I like what you said, we have been stopping by each other for sometime now and when you have taken a brake I have missed you but we always seem to get back together and I can not say what kind of cards I like best because I love the verity and I have always liked your choices. You are a down to earth person, a person that one can talk to and I fell that we like pretty much the same things. Hugs, Patricia

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    5. SamDo it! I was 29 when I packed in my job at the HQ of a giant UK multinational, sold the car, rented out the flat and took off to Africa. A year later landed on a little car-free island off the coast of Hong Kong where I’ve lived the past 17 years. My life has been immeasurably more free and happy than it would have been had I stayed glued to my cubicle and yuppie aspirations.

    6. Just because you swear at us or use multiple exclamation parts doesn’t make your opinion better than any of ours. Many movies have been PG-13 and won Oscars; similarly, an actor doesn’t need to be in an R movie to recieve acclaim or be ‘taken seriously’. I agree with the PG-13 rating, and as long as Pattinson and Witherspoon do their acting, I think it will be a fine movie.

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